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"The Black Crystal Ball" is a gripping tale of ordinary lives shattered by extraordinary events. When George, accompanied by his daughters Samantha and Christine, innocently venture into a Psychic and Mystic Fayre, George encounters a mysterious vendor selling a black crystal ball with sinister powers. As George  brings the ball home, it becomes a conduit for Caroline, George's wife, to unearth dark secrets and enact chilling justice upon criminals.

What begins as a curious purchase spirals into a whirlwind of violence, revenge, and supernatural intervention, leaving a trail of bodies and questions in its wake. Caroline's journey with the ball pushes the boundaries of morality and the unknown, culminating in a spine-tingling climax that defies imagination. "The Black Crystal Ball" is not just a terrifying read—it's a gripping exploration of the lengths one will go to protect their loved ones, with an ending that will leave readers fulfilled.

The attempted rape which went horribly wrong for the attackers, the missing boy, thought abducted, found just in time, Sliced and diced fingers of a local villain, the Police, drug addicts, what next
The bodies and casualties begin to pile up.

How far will she go?

How far would it let her go?

You could not begin to imagine what would happen next.

It is a very compelling and very scary read, but gives you a real satisfaction feeling - way above smug.


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